The RegenAg Festival in the UK: Groundswell 2024
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The RegenAg Festival in the UK: Groundswell 2024

Like every year Groundswell is the Festival for Regenerative Agriculture in the UK.
In 2024 it takes place on 26th & 27th of June.

If you want to learn more about No-Till farming, holistic lives tock management, cover crops, soil health and much more then you found the right event.

The chance to listen to multiple speeches of global experts in this field and talk to other farmers who are interested or even practising it already for decades on their farm is quite unique.

Novag will be attending as well with one model of the T-ForcePlus range, you will find us in the Demo fields. At fixed and given times we will perform a demonstration with our unique T-SlotPlus Opener.

Get your tickets here from the 20th April on:
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