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No-tillage? No problem!

In periods of dramatical climate changes and increased economic pressure you just cannot sit back and continue business as usual. Time has come for a new generation of farmers who have understood that only healthy soils will lead to healthy lifes – and healthy profits. Novag takes farmers into the future: Modern no-tillage seed drills designed and produced in France ensure greater yields and reduced costs.

Novag’s zero soil movement prevents soil erosion, weed problems, and most of all protects soil biology. Forget about hairpinning issues, forget about all the machinery you currently use, forget about intensive fertilization. Just think of healthy and productive soils. Nice thought, isn‘t it? That’s no-tillage the Novag way.


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The soil is the limit

With a Novag drill you’re not only investing in the world’s most innovative no-tillage drill, but you’ll also receive healthy soils that will make the next generation’s farming a success. And that is the key : cut your costs and working hours and let the worms, fungi and bacteria do the job for you. Enjoy increasing carbon sequestration, water storage and nutritional quality – all while increasing yields and revenues! It even helps you to restore thriving ecosystems. This may sound like a fairytale, but it works

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