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Writing history: success begins with the letter T

T is key – at least in the Novag world. Novag drills stand apart because of their opener design and the seed micro environment obtained by the combination of 2 winged blades, one at each side of a central notched disc.

Our openers handle dense residues cover very well thanks to the blade/disc combination. Soil disturbance is kept low, thus minimizing weed growth, even at high speeds. The seed placement by the blades, on the side of the slot, prevents hairpinning problems which are otherwise common with disc drills. They also band fertilizer very effectively at 2-3cm from the seed.

Thanks to their robust parallelogram design and hydraulic cylinder, our drills can handle all soil types and residues, like no other machine on the market. Adjustments are simple and easy.

The IntelliForcePlus system on the T-ForcePlus drills controls seeding depth. The depth is accurately set through the opener gauge wheels mechanism. The downforce is then automatically adjusted on the move, according to the soil resistance, in order to maintain constant seeding depth and perfect slot closure. Once you have tried this system, it is impossible to go back.

It’s T-time

With the unique T-SlotPlus you have the raw power and intelligence to take no-tillage to the next level, improving productivity while optimizing seed placement and securing your yields. Instead of a „V“ or „U“ shape Novag machines cut an inverted „T“ into the soil.

The T shape enables separate location for the seeds and the fertilizer. Seed and fertilizer are close to each other, but still sufficiently separated.  This is the ideal scenario for fertilizer application, which will solve the early stage nitrogen deficiency related to the decomposition of cover crops and to improve early growth of pest sensitive crops. A yield reduction during the first years like with other no-tillage systems is reliably avoided.

On residue covered fields, other no-till technologies with discs have hairpinning problems. Straw tends to catch the seed in a net, and thus it will not have a good enough contact with the soil. In addition, the decomposition of the straw will then release substances that will decrease germination.

The seed placement with Novag machines is not affected by heavy residues at all. The straw still enters the furrow, but is not in contact with the seed thanks to the shape of the T-slot.  Because the seed is dropped by the blade and does not fall directly into the disc furrow.

Zero soil movement

The combination of the disc and the very narrow design shape of the T-blades allows the opener to drill with no disturbance. Novag drills define a new standard, even at high speed. Approx. 90 % of the surface residues stay in place after drilling into chopped straw.

This successful management of the residues is very desirable during hot summer or in case of heavy rainfall, and it helps in the fight against weeds.

Good closure

This optimal T shape is the only way to obtain a well closed slot in all types of soils, including clay soils that are fairly plastic and do not crumble. This factor alone is decisive for sowing in dry conditions and for protecting seeds against slugs, birds, and many others.

The slanted press wheels close the slot perfectly. The seeds are in good contact with the soil.

Consistant depth is a prerequisite. It is useless to have a good form of slot if the opener cannot penetrate the soil or if it cannot follow the natural undulations of the soil.

And with its hydraulic paralellogram, the Novag opener is well up to this task!

Simple and accurate

Seed depth and disc settings are performed manually. Depth adjustment is made by turning the screw by hand or with a ratchet. Every half turn, the user can precisely adjust the height between the press wheels and the blade and disc assembly, therefore optimizing seeding depth.

Seeding depth can be adjusted individually on each opener. This enables endless possibilities like seeding at different depth on different openers. Drilling combination like big seed and small seed, drilling one row out two, one row out of three can thus be made easily.

Smart farming

Novag drills are factory fitted with a complete electronic system, designed internally.

Successful direct seeding starts by finding the right settings on the drill.
To offer a unique user experience, Novag has developed its entire software internally

All models feature the IntelliForce depth control system as standard. This allows the drill to automatically handle changes in the soil type.

The 7’’ monitor provides a refreshing user experience, combining our exclusive IntelliForce depth control system, up to 4 product delivery and seed rate monitoring all in one place.

Almost all the settings can be changed from the cab.


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Intelligence right from the cab

After putting an end to the soil tillage steps, we find that soil resistance is almost never constant across one field . Variations can result of crop history, local compaction in some area, more or less stones, different soil types.

Areas of the field where the soil is harder require more downforce to be applied on the opener discs and blades, in order to reach the right seeding depth.  And softer areas demand less pressure, to avoid unwanted compaction.

IntelliforcePlus Control just does that, by automatically adjusting the hydraulic pressure in the downforce cylinders on every opener. This key system is only found on Novag T-ForcePlus drills.

Automatic downforce adjustments

The drill electronic system gets the depth information using sensors placed over some press wheels. The sensors measure the slot closing force, which has to be adjusted depending on the soil type. Its regularity is a good sign of consistent seeding depth.

The hydraulic pressure in the opener cylinders will automatically increase in hard soils, and automatically decrease in soft soil, but the closure force under the press wheels will be kept always constant.

Novag T-ForcePlus drills are capable of automatically adjusting their downforce to match the soil real resistance.

Hydraulic metering system

Novag drills feature a hydraulic variable rate control system on every hopper, even auxiliary ones. Up to four product delivery system can be managed. The drill is thus capable to sow different species at the same time, while deposing fertilizer, slug bait, small seeds … The hydraulic drive on all the hopper performs better than regular electric drives, because hydraulic motors don’t lack torque even at low rpm, they never heat up, and they don’t fear fertilizer.

Calibrating is made intuitively, like on the most sophisticated implement on the market.

Wherever you have to go

Thanks to the central axle design, the turning radius is impressively small despite the size of the machine. This allows for shorter headlands and maximised utilisation of the full potential of the field. Load transfer on the tractor is completely mastered and makes for a good compromise between traction and weight on the openers in any circumstance.

Additional ballast can be easily installed or removed, so the weight of the frame can match the field condition and compaction is reduced. The narrow transport width of 3 m further allows fast and safe transport. Further, the folding wings are automatically locked with a hydraulic hook when raised for the road.