T-ForcePlus Drills
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Do it best – with the best no-till drill

Are you doing extensive grain farming in a large scale? Or are you a dairy farmer cultivating your own forage crops?

Novag offers its no-tillage drills in different working width. No matter what your task is – we’ve the perfect solution. The drills come in an array of working widths for different uses: 3m, 4m, 6m, 8m, 9m or higher upon request.

One of the key advantages of Novag direct drills is the significant time saving – a bonus in terms of productivity and when there is only a short window for drilling.

They demonstrate extreme performance and reliability. Their features are impressive:

  • Exceptional seed positioning
  • Ability to work under the residue cover better than any other drill on the market
  • Excellent fertilizer placement
  • Outstanding in design
  • Immediate start up
  • Very high productivity

These implements are built upon the results of international research in no-tillage agronomy, entirely redesigned to adapt it to your demands. All Novag models feature the IntelliForcePlus depth control system as standard. This allows the drill to automatically adapt to changes in the soil type.

Novag frames are extremely robust. They completely match our heavy-duty openers. Their layout is the answer to both weight distribution on the openers, and load transfer on the tractor for improved traction.

The T-ForcePlus series has proven ideal for extensive days in the field, and for precise and complex work involved in no tillage. The farming systems of tomorrow have never been so close.

12 km/h
drilling speed without disturbance, through heavy residues
90 %
of residue cover stay in place undisturbed after the drill has passed

Get what you need – or simply what you want

Quality is not a question of size. But the right size might be important for the quality and efficiency of your daily work. Consequently Novag offers its no-tillage drills in different working width. No matter what your task is – we’ve the working horse for you.


  • Tow eye or ball hitch
  • Hydraulically adjustable drawbar


  • Capacitive sensor on each hopper

Metering System

  • Pneumatic  System
  • Hydraulic drive with Variable Rate Control


  • Intelliforce System
  • 7” monitor and intuitive joystick

Axle and tyres

  • Heavy duty Axle with Hydraulic or Pneumatic brakes
  • Wide flotation tyres with radial design


  • Configurable Load sensing system.
  • Oil cooler/Air warmer


  • Compact and agile design
  • Transport width 3 m


  • Downforce applied by a hydraulic cylinder on each opener,
    from 100 to 500 kg
  • Hardened notched discs and blades
  • 2 Press/Gauge wheels arranged in V,
    fitted with semi-pneumatic tyres
  • Fully adjustable seeding depth on a 0 – 10 cm range

Hopper with inner value

The big hopper has a dividing wall that separates its two sections. These sections can be used indistinctively for seed or fertilizer. Products from each of the two compartment are conveyed separately towards each opener, both on the front toolbar and on the rear toolbar. Fertilizer and seeds can thus be completely separated. Each are put into the soil by their own blade, one of each side of the central disc of the opener.
For full versatility, up to two optional 120 l auxiliary bin can be mounted. These bins are connected to the main pneumatic circuit. They are designed for small seeds, slug bait or starter fertilizer.

Working width1,12-2,25 m 2,0-3 m3 m 4 m4,5 m6 m9 m
Total length with drawbar4,7 m5,27 m6,5 m7,5 m9,5 m
Height with standard equpment2,55 m2,35 m2,9 m3 m3,7 m3,95 m
Empty weight1,8-3,2 t3 t6,5 t7,5 t8 t11 t18 t
Additional weight : Ballast300-800kg300 kg-2 t750 kg
1 500 kg
1 200kg1 700kg1 300kg
2 500kg
3 500kg
Max. Technical Weight4-6 t7 t12 t17 t26 t
Rowspacing16,67 cm
18,75 cm
25 cm
16,67 cm
18,75 cm
25 cm
16,67 cm
18,75 cm
25 cm
16,67 cm
19 cm
25 cm
18,75 cm
25 cm
16,67 cm
18,75 cm
25 cm
18,75 cm
25 cm
Numbers of rowsmax. 8max. 1618
Recommended power70 HP100 HP120 HP200 HP220 HP>240 HP420 HP
Type3pt linkage
(Cat. 2/3)
3pt linkage
(Cat. 2/3)
Tow eye, ball hitch K80 or 3pt linkage systemTow eye or ball hitch K80
Main double hopper550l
4 200l (2200l/2000l or 1500l/2700l)5 400l (2600l/2900l or 1800l/3600l)7 700l (3650l/4050l or 5000l/2700l)
Auxiliary bin2x30l bin2x50l binUp to 2 optional 120l bin, each with ther own metering unit 2x350l bin
Singulation; IntelliRowPlus37,5/50/75 cm37,5/50/75 cm37,5/50/75 cm50/75 cm37,5/75 cm50/75 cm75 cm
TypeAxle, hydrl. brakeOpt. hydr./pneumaticAxle, with hydraulic or pneumatic brakesCamso Track Syst.
Radial tyres / tracks sizes420/65 R 20420/65 R 20 or 560/45 R22.5750/45 R 26,5800/45 R 26,5800/45 R 26,5800/45 R30.5750 x 2700
MudgardsIncluded in base modelIncluded in base modelN/A
Hydraulic flow requirement>20l/min>30l/min>40l/min>50l/min>70l/min>90l/min

Make it yours

Customize your machine. The unique Novag option system assists the user in his most important tasks. Rate monitoring immediately comes to mind, but also blockage sensors or tram line system. We put our experience and motivation at your service, and we can study any specific need: grain auger, auxilliary bin with independant metering unit, hydraulic options, row shut off system manual or automatic. Possiblities are almost infinite – it’s up to you!

Auxiliary bins

Most seeders apply one seed at a time and at best one sort fertilizer. Break the limit with your Novag, and add one or even two auxiliary bins to get an impressive four product delivery system. The four tanks are controlled by our monitor and they all come with a broad capacity hydraulic metering unit, calibration settings and empty bin detection.

Our precise auxiliary metering units are multipurpose. Most of all, they can do wonders in dispensing very small rates of companion or cover crop seeds, inoculant, or specialized micro nutrient.

On top of this, you can customize the way the product is applicated: into the slot, with the seed, with the fertilizer, on all rows, on some selected rows, or even broadcasted behind the machine … All these options really make a Novag to your Novag.

Spreader ramp

Get new possibilities from your machine and add rear spreader to our customizeable auxilliary product system. Use it to broadcast small seeds or slug bait, and save again one more pass!

Seed monitoring system

Our integrated seed counting and blockage detection system offers you safety and accuracy, for both seed and fertilizer rates.