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Agriculture of the next generation

Experience the future of agriculture. Now. The Novag demonstration tour with our no-till drills makes it possible. See the unprecedented advantages of our drills for yourself – on your own fields or in your neighbourhood.

Because: Green fields need red Novag drills, which do not move the soil thanks to the unique T-ForcePlus coulter. This prevents erosion, reduces weed pressure, promotes soil biology and therefore your yields.

Novag T-ForcePlus 450

Demonstrations in your area

Would you like to get an overview first and get to know the Novag team and the Novag Drille? No problem. We cordially invite you to come to a demonstration that has already been scheduled. There you can find out more about the motivations of other farmers and benefit from our team who will answer your questions in detail.

To find out about the upcoming dates and locations of our demonstration tour, please contact Jan Gnann, service engineer for the UK tour.

Telefon + 49 160 99669404

Novag T-ForcePlus 150

The unique Novag T-SlotPlus opener

Demonstrations on your farm

We are on the road with our Novag T-Force Plus 450 and our own tractor for summer and autumn drilling to show you our outstanding coulter technology. This gives you the opportunity to experience the emergence of the crops on your own fields and to familiarise yourself with the advantages of perfect seed placement.

Brings more than it costs

Your pro rata costs amount to £45 per hectare for the drill and £25 per hour for the tractor (including driver, excluding diesel). If you decide to purchase a Novag no-till drill within 12 months, the cost of the demonstration will be reimbursed.


For enquiries about the UK, please contact Jan Gnann, or make an enquiry directly using our form.

Telefon + 49 160 99669404